Human Research Review Committee (HRRC)

New Submission Procedures 

To submit a protocol, please go to Submittable at  Here you will find the forms for exempt, expedited and full review protocols.  All protocol forms must be completed and submitted online using the Submittable website.  The HRRC no longer accepts hard copies or email attachments

All research involving human subjects must be cleared through the HRRC prior to commencement of data collection.  The HRRC will not review a proposal unless a protocol for the research has been submitted.  Protocols must follow the instructions laid out in Guidelines 1, 2, and 3 of the HRRC handbook (located on this webpage).  It is the responsibility of the principal investigator to complete these forms and attach all necessary documents as indicated in guidelines 1, 2, and 3.

All research protocols are due the 1st of the month in which the researcher wishes the protocol to be reviewed.  For example for a protocol to be reviewed at the November meeting, the completed protocol must be submitted to Submittable at by November 1st.   

All levels of review, exempt, expedited, and full, are due the 1st of the month.  See Guideline #2 for a full explanation of the different levels of review.

The HRRC will meet no later than the third week of each month starting in September through June to review protocols.  Researchers submitting full review protocols can expect to receive feedback no later than the end of the month.  If you have not received feedback by the end of the month, please contact the HRRC directly at  For exempt and expedited protocols, researchers can expect to hear back from the HRRC within the first two weeks of the month.  

Ways to avoid the top 7 mistakes made in HRRC submissions:

  1. Review the HRRC handbook to make sure you understand the requirements.
  2. Protocol reviewed completely by the supervisor for corrections before submitting to the committee.
  3. Confirm that the researcher actually intends on doing the research. (Please NO submissions that are not going to be carried out to consume time from the committee)
  4. Include all permissions from study sites with the original submission.
  5. Ensure the correct form is used. (Exempt/non-exempt)
  6. Consent and assent forms need Principle Investigator and Faculty contact information on them and should be separate (not embedded in the report).
  7. Spell out abbreviations.


HRRC Training Video 1

HRRC Handbook (PDF, updated 2014)

Glossary of Terms

Complete NIH Online Training Course:

Clinical Research Training

The following faculty have completed the required Clinical Research Training course and turned in their certificate: 
  • Donna Allen (Communication Studies)
  • Jim Bader (Education)
  • Ken Becker (Kinesiology)
  • Catherine Beals (Education)
  • Tawny Billings (Education)
  • Rick Boyes (Counseling)
  • Dennis Cartwright (Education)
  • Jennifer Chase (Biology)
  • Richard Craig (Counseling)
  • Heidi Curtis (Education)
  • Lori Fairgrieve (Counseling)
  • William Fritz (Education)
  • Curtis M. Garner (Counseling)
  • Jennifer Hill (Education)
  • Joshua Jensen (Education)
  • Russell Joki (Education)
  • Eric Kellerer (Education)
  • Paula Kellerer (Education)
  • Lawanna Lancaster (Social Work)
  • Barbara Lester (Nursing)
  • Elizabeth List (Psychology)
  • Amanda Marble (Career Center and Retention)
  • Dean Matlock (Psychology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice)
  • Jamee Nixon, (Biology)
  • Cynthia Orr (Education)
  • Kattie Payne (Nursing)
  • Susan Perkins (Counseling)
  • Melanie Person (Counseling)
  • Michael Pitts (Counseling)
  • E. Michael Poe (Education)
  • Sarah Quilici (Education)
  • Ed Robinson (Education)
  • Al Sanchez (Social Work)
  • Lori Sanchez (Education, Psychology)
  • Duane Slemmer (Education)
  • Karen Smucker (Education)
  • Ron Strohmeyer (Biology) 
  • Bethani Studebaker (Education)
  • Eric Studebaker (Education)
  • Leonie Sutherland (Nursing)
  • Kay Webb (Psychology, Counseling) 
  • Eric Werth (Education)
  • Loredana Werth (Education)

HRRC Committee Members

Heidi Curtis, Ph.D, Chair
Mike Aldape, Ph.D (Community Member)
Joseph Bankard, Ph.D
Duke Bulanon, 
Lori Fairgrieve, 
Curtis Garner, Ed.D
Jennifer Hill, Ed.D
Barbara Lester, Ph.D
Elizabeth List, 
Kimberly Lowe, 
Dean Matlock, M.A.
Bethani Studebaker,